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Turner Butler has over 30 years experience in selling businesses. Turner Butler successfully sells businesses quickly, confidentially and for the right price.

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Are you seeking a comprehensive market valuation for your company? Whether you are looking to attract investment, selling your business, expanding your operations, or forming strategic partnerships, securing an accurate company valuation is crucial.

The process of valuing a business may appear intricate, involving considerations like earnings ratio, discount rate, future cash flows, and balance sheet analysis. However, with Turner Butler, you are connected with seasoned district valuers who will guide you seamlessly through this process.

With over three decades of expertise in facilitating swift, confidential, and precise business sales, Turner Butler stands as your trusted partner in determining the true worth of your enterprise. Leveraging advanced valuation methods, including discounted cash flow analysis, we ensure that your business is properly assessed to fetch the right price in the market.

Allow Turner Butler to navigate the complexities of valuing a business so you can embark on your next business venture confidently and armed with the knowledge of your company's true value.


What is a business valuation?


A free company valuation will help to determine the overall market value of your business. By using a variety of measures, you can understand the economic worth of a business. Our valuations are useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to buy or sell a company.

As well as for entrepreneurs and business owners, a company valuation can also help with:

  • Setting a fair price for employees – if your employees want to purchase or sell shares within the company
  • Securing financial investment – Investors like to see a realistic figure and value in the deal you present to them
  • Filing your taxes – You may need to provide a valuation figure as part of your company tax return
  • Establishing a business partnership
  • Growing your business – annual valuations can help to secure funding and locate areas of your business that need improvement

The main aim of a company valuation is to prevent your business from being sold less than its value. If you’re finding the valuation process easy, then you may need to revisit your method and combine a couple of valuation techniques.

What affects the market valuation of your business?


Although there are parts to a business that can be valued easily, there are always going to be intangible assets. Apart from stock and fixed assets, which are tangible and have clear value, you also need to look at the business’s reputation, the value of the business’s customers, the business’s trademarks, the age of the business and what kind of product you have.

These specific assets can make it difficult to reach an accurate valuation, but by working with Turner Butler, we can assess these assets to further improve your valuation when selling your business.

How much is my business worth?

Determining the market valuation of your business involves assessing both tangible and intangible assets. While tangible assets like stock and fixed assets hold clear value, intangible assets such as brand reputation, customer value, trademarks, business age, and product innovation also significantly impact the business's overall value.

Valuing a business involves complex considerations, including evaluating earnings ratio, cash flows, and discount rates. Turner Butler specializes in analyzing these intricate elements to provide a comprehensive business valuation that accurately reflects all aspects of your company, including the less tangible but crucial components that contribute to its worth.

Assessing the Value of Your Business

Understanding the true worth of your business can shed light on areas that may benefit from enhancement. To ensure a favorable valuation, consider the following strategies:

  • Risk Mitigation: Diversify your customer base to reduce overreliance on a specific group of customers, thereby minimizing risk exposure.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a robust business plan that aligns with both short- and long-term goals to showcase growth potential.
  • Data Management: Efficiently store and showcase information, whether financial records or operational data, to bolster buyer confidence in the business's performance.

If achieving an accurate market valuation is a priority for your business, contact our specialized selling service at 0333 1234562 for a confidential company valuation. With Turner Butler, access a transparent valuation process without hidden fees that can provide invaluable insights into your business's standing in the market. Call today to gain a clearer understanding of your business's value and take the next steps towards maximizing its potential.


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