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Turner Butler has over 30 years experience in selling businesses. Turner Butler successfully sells businesses quickly, confidentially and for the right price.

Franchises for Sale

What is a Franchise Business?

Those who are considering the purchase of a franchise business may not fully understand what they are. Ultimately, a business franchise is defined by the structure of its ownership. Franchising will occur when the owner of a business grants a license to one or more parties for the purpose of conducting business. They will still use the same trade names, trademarks, trade dress and other unique aspects of the business..

Purchasing a Franchise Business

If you have considered owning your own franchise but would rather overtake an established model, then get in touch with Turner Butler to help secure a franchise business.

Selling your Franchise

By collaborating with Turner Butler to help sell your franchise, we will expertly calculate how much the business for sale is worth, ensure that your financial records are in order, ensure that your staff are in the know about the sale and that you as a seller feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Use our free business valuation service to find out how much your franchise is worth.

Confidential Business Valuation

We will incorporate several factors to ensure you get a business valuation that meets or exceeds your expectations. To complete this valuation, we will look at strength of brand, future financial performance, customer base, experience and skills of management team, supply chain strengths and synergies with the buyer.

In today’s buoyant market, receiving an accurate company valuation is imperative should you choose to put your exit strategy into action. Use our free business valuation service to receive the accurate valuation that your business deserves.


What our clients say about us

I dealt with this company when I put my business up for sale, I have found them to be the most amazing, caring and considerate company I have ever dealt with. They respond to my emails very very quickly, and immediately address any queries or concerns I may have, going over and above what anyone could possibly expect. In particular I want to thank Rupert Cattell for his help. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any prospective buyer or seller, you are placing yourselves in good hands

Stuart Wilson

I was looking to buy a business and the Account Manager that I dealt with at Turner Butler was very helpful and knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions that I had. I find their weekly newsletter keeps me up to date with all the new businesses that are for sale. I will recommend Turner Butler to any one who is interested in buying a business. Thank You very much.

Paul Walker

A great service. How refreshing to work with a company that didn't ask for an upfront fee. The completion of the sale of my business went smoothly. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Stephen Parkes



Turner Butler is pleased to announce the sale of Chocobel Confectionary, the leading wholesaler of European sugar free and gluten free confectionary. The vendor Chris Bigault said: "It was a total pleasure working with you! A very professional environment." Rupert Cattell the managing director of Turner Butler said: "This was a dream transaction. We were engaged in late June and sold the business in less than four months. The business was a great business, the asking price was absolutely spot-on, the buyer was a cash buyer and the client was sensible, focused and very well organised. What more could you want?! Like many businesses Chocobel has had a "good lock-down" and taken advantage of increased home sales in order to expand its customer base and reach. Clearly the consumer market has changed but the demand for well-run sensibly priced and profitable businesses is exceptionally strong.


Turner Butler is pleased to announce the recent sale of a Vintage Engineering Company. The vendor said : I can whole heartedly recommend Turner Butler to anyone who is in the same position as I was a few months back in looking for someone to take over their company and move it to the next level. After contacting Rob Edwards and having an initial conversation he knew just who to contact and just who would be interested in an engineering business such as mine. Within 1 month and a deal was done. Having the contacts and knowing how to match people and their needs was what was needed and Rob has proved that this is one of Turner Butler’s strongest attributes. Thanks Rob for a great working relationship.


Turner Butler is pleased to announce the successful sale of the Irish cleaning company Rapier Contract Services. Our client Vendor said: “I guess we hit this sale at one of the most difficult times in history if not the most difficult; we really needed, given the Pandemic, to wrap this up as fast as possible. We thank you for your help and would like to commend Tom for all his hard work.”

Specialist Industry Intelligence Publication for Aerospace & Defence Sectors successfully sold

Turner Butler is pleased to announce the recent sale of a subscription based publication for the specialist aviation and defence sectors. Said Rupert Cattell, managing director: “You could not get more niche than a business like this and yet once again Turner Butler has demonstrated its skill and expertise in securing a buyer and doing a deal.”

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